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Wide-sheet Extrusion Calender Line

  • Wide-sheet Extrusion Calender Line
  • Wide-sheet Extrusion Calender Line
  • Wide-sheet Extrusion Calender Line

Our wide-sheet extrusion calender line is designed to address common industry challenges such as uneven thickness, bubbles, uneven texture, and substandard section density in calendered rubber sheets and films.

With a portfolio of over 100 successful customer installations, our rubber extrusion calender equipment is designed to meet the needs of various applications, including tire factory linings, flame retardant rubber sheets, conveyor belt films, waterproof membranes, and anti-corrosion rubber sheets. The products processed by our equipment range in width from 900mm to 2200mm, effectively satisfying the diverse requirements in different industries.

We supply a variety of extruders of several models such as 120, 150, 200, and 250, which are compatible with both two-roll and three-roll calenders. These options allow for tailored positioning combinations to match the specific width and thickness demands of the products our clients intend to produce.

Model XJD-120/360x1120 XJD-150/400x1200 XJD-150/450x1500 XJD-200/550x1600 XJD-250/610x1850 XJD-250/710x2300 XJD-250/800x2500
Extruder model XJD-120x14D XJD-150x16D XJD-150x16D XJD-200x16D XJD-250x16D XJD-250x16D XJD-250x16D
Calender machine model 360x1120 400x1200 450x1500 550x1600 610x1850 710x2300 800x2500
Maximum width of product 900 1000 1300 1400 1600 2000 2200
Thickness range of product 0.3~6 0.3~6 0.3~8 0.3~10 0.5~10 0.5~12 0.5~12
Production speed 2~20m/min 2.5~25m/min 2.5~25m/min 3~30m/min 3~30m/min 3~30m/min 3~30m/min
Extruder motor power 110KW 220KW 220K 355KW 500KW 500KW 500KW
Calender machine motor power 18.5KWx2 22KWx2 30KWx2 45KWx2 75KWx2 110KWx2 132KWx2
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