Batch Off Cooler

  •  Batch Off Cooler
  •  Batch Off Cooler
  •  Batch Off Cooler
  •  Batch Off Cooler
  •  Batch Off Cooler
  •  Batch Off Cooler

The batch off cooler is designed to cool rubber strips coming from the two roll mill or a roller die calender, then stack cooled rubber sheets on a pallet. Based on a heat dissipation mode, the batch off cooler can be divided into the air cooled type or a water cooled type, and both are designed with a circular cooling system. Large capacity draught fans are used to ensure the temperature of the cooled rubber strip is low enough, but 5 to 10 degrees higher than room temperature. We also use a variable frequency motor on the cooler to achieve stepless speed regulation. A PLC auto control system is also used. For complete automation, the rubber cooling machine can be outfitted with mechanical arms for gripping the rubber strip, an automatic hoisting system for stacking, an automatic weighing device, and a bar code printer.

Model Item XPG-600 XJL-800 XPG-900
Maximum Width of Rubber Sheet mm 600 800 900
Thickness of Rubber Sheet mm 4-10 4-10 6-12
Temperature Difference Between Rubber Sheet and Environment after Cooling 5 5 5
Linear Speed of Taking-In Conveyor m/min 3-35 3-35 4-40
Linear Speed of Hanging Bar m 1-3 1-3 1-3
Suspension Height of Rubber Sheet mm 1,000 1,400 1,400
Number of Cooling Fans set 8-24 20-52 24-60
Total Power kw 16-32 20-63 25-70
Overall Dimensions L mm 12,400 14,850-28,580 18,000-37,380
W mm 2,140 2,220 2,300
H mm 2,820 2,860 2,980
Gross Weight t ~10 ~20 ~30
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