We will send our mechanical engineers and electric engineers to the customer’s location to help with installation and debugging to ensure normal operation of the machinery. We are able to provide technical training at the customer’s location for mechanical technicians, electric technicians and operation and maintenance personnel. Customers are welcome to send their employees to our workshop, where we can train them on equipment assembly. The purpose of our training is to ensure they know how to correctly operate and maintain all equipment. Our training sessions involve operation cautions and safe operation rules, which are in place and designed to prevent injury caused by incorrect operation.

During the training session, our staff will explain all technical documents, blueprints, technological processes, operation manuals, equipment characteristics, analysis methods and cautions. In addition, they will personally demonstrate how to operate each rubber machine. During training, we encourage students to ask questions to ensure clarity in all aspects.

After Sales Service
We will respond to any inquiries within 4 hours after we receive a complaint about machine faults and provide an efficient solution, the first time. If a problem is bad enough we need to send an engineer to the customer’s location, we will make sure they arrive as quickly as possible. A response within 4 hours, and 24 hour service are also available for products outside of the warranty period.

Our machines are typically shipped with spare wearing parts, ensuring two years of normal operations for the production equipment. The warranty is one year, during which we will quickly solve problems about machine defects, incorrect operation and other factors beyond operator control. Outside the warranty period, we will offer the same service and components, this time at a charge price to the customer.

We provide long term technical support, and will consistently supply components and parts at competitive prices. We will also carry out call backs or revisit the customers in person to ensure long term normal operation of all machines. If required we will upgrade the software installed on the machines for up to 5 years after equipment acceptance.

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