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About Dalian Huahan

What We've Achieved
When it comes to rubber and plastic machinery, Dalian Huahan has long been a trusted and well-known name in the industry. Established in 1986, with an area of more than 50,000m2, our company is mainly composed of a 20,000m2 machining workshop and a 31,000m2 assembly workshop, staffed by over 600 employees to ensure a smooth flow of production operations.

So far, we have successfully exported our products to numerous countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We have built a team of several dozen highly skilled designers and R&D personnel all of whom are dedicated to the improvement of existing products and the development of new products.

As a market leader in providing the most complete range of rubber and plastic machinery, we are undoubtedly your ideal solution to any of your rubber and plastic related needs.

Reasons for our Success
We have reached the success we have through a dedication to quality and improving technology. All talent is respected here, and at least a third of the company has been with us for more than 10 years, adding to the experience of our technicians and the camaraderie in the workplace. We also established a professional R&D center, where the staff is continuously improving on old products and developing new ones. We take each step in production seriously, and any incorrect operation is not allowed. By doing so, we can ensure the product quality, which in turn attracts customers and keeps them coming back. Despite our annual export value of 20 million dollars, we are not looking at only profit and are continuously working on customer satisfaction in both products and services.

What We Offer
Dalian Huahan has developed and produced a wide array of products during our long term cooperations with tire plants, cable factories, slab rubber plants, rubber recycling plants, and rubber factories. Our products fall into two categories: rubber machinery and plastic machinery. Since 1986, our company has specialized in producing a vast array of rubber and plastic machinery, including banbury mixer, kneader mixer, mixing mill, rubber extruder, calender, rotary curing machine, plate vulcanizing machine, batch off cooler, etc. We will offer high quality production services for the manufacturing plants of tires, conveyor belts, wires and cables, rubber sheets, rubber hoses, rubber belts, recycled rubber, PVC leather and PVC film, etc. The plastic machinery line includes PVC film calendering lines, PVC synthetic leather calendering lines and PVC floor tire calendering lines. Along with the products listed here, we can produce customized rubber and plastic machinery based on customer needs. We sincerely look forward to working with both old and new customers, and guarantee the high quality of every single product and friendly services.

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